I’m READY to meet YOU, SEE, and guide you,
and be a divine mirror of FIERCE LOVE AND TRUTH for you.


  • groupHave already started your journey of BEAUTY, courage, and radiant living.
  • Are READY to SHINE more fully!
  • Are ready to OFFER YOUR GIFTS in a more authentic, creative and powerful way, to make an even bigger impact on others and in the world.
  • Are COMMITTED to loving kindness, generosity, seeing and creating beauty and life-affirming relationships.
  • Have a reverence for the SACRED FEMININE — Goddess, Shakti, Sacred Woman and the Feminine Face of God.
  • Have a love for EMBODIED and spiritual practices, and long for much more.
  • KNOW you will blossom in a circle of women, each sharing their power and stories, and feeling blessed by your presence, and you by theirs!
  • Long for a safe and sacred space to DANCE, play and express your truth.




I grew up in a home of dance and art.

I’m a dancer, artist, and facilitator of healing, expressive and sacred experiences and DJ
and co-founder of The Move Dance Collective, Toronto’s largest ecstatic dance community.

I’m a devotee of the Divine. The Divine Feminine.

I’m a mother, friend, traveller, partner, daughter and sister.


erica-106As a Messenger of Love,

I’m a muse to many.

I have over 40 years’ experience in the creative, healing and spiritual arts spanning continents and countries—Indonesia, Wales, USA, India and Canada.

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with life and my place in it.

I’m devoted to your liberation and healing through the joy of ecstatic dance and community, rooted in LOVE and creativity.


I’m committed to being a WAYSHOWER, A FRIEND and SISTER.

I’m committed to inspiring your FLIGHT on effervescent wings of trust, confidence, ease and beauty.

I’m curious, courageous and committed.

I believe in the magic of letting go, in miracles, and limitless possibilities.

I know something about life, and …




I’m a Canadian national dance award winner!

Here I am after receiving the ‘I Love Dance Award’ for HEALTHY CITIZENS from the Canadian Dance Assembly. It was an honour to be acknowledged on a national level as an outstanding individual and organization promoting DANCE as a tool for healthy communities!




Why You? Why Me? Why Us?

Over the past few years we’ve seen a global transformation unfolding; a Feminine Renaissance! This renaissance calls us to step into new ways of BEING.

We’re awakening, stirring, rising, reflecting, praying, responding, connecting and dancing.

We’re exploring coming home to ourselves and to the world.

Our innate wisdom tells us that our happiness depends on rightful and loving relationships.

When we come together in a sacred space of sisterhood we inspire each other to rise up and shine.

Della-Elisa- Serena-Kerry-and-I-Ping


anna-tara-and-traceyTogether we ARE the MEDICINE,

the antidote to move us beyond where going alone can take us.

You see…

As long as we choose to navigate solo we RISK wasting precious time in limiting beliefs and patterns. We stay stuck in self-deflating concepts of feeling ‘not good enough’ or ‘too much’ or teeter tottering between the two.

Even years of self-improvement workshops, books and therapies will only get us so far.

We need the honest and loving truth, clear reflection and deep encouragement from our heart-centered sisters.

They’ll propel us forward and support our playing BIGGER, so our gifts can SHINE and touch the world deeply, intimately and passionately.


Sister, know this

The world desperately needs who you are and what YOU offer.
Not someday, but NOW. I can help you do just that.



Read My: Holding Space – A Metta Practice






“I have struggled with a lifelong fear of intimacy with women. Prior to meeting Erica, I felt a deep longing for connection, but did not have the tools or means to bridge that fear inside of me. The Dance Our Way Home practice and Radical Radiance training have been that means for me. They have each been a precious, vital gift to me in my life… Erica possesses a tremendous, amazing gift to hold sacred, loving, safe space; to make each woman feel welcome & included, without condition. Her deep compassion and empathy allow her to listen from the core of her being to each woman’s story. Her gentle, loving presence teaches you what she knows: to feel the power of your vulnerability and your tender, open heart; to trust the fluid grace & beauty of the Divine Feminine.” — Julie Anne Daugherty, Executive Assistant, Toronto


“I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful energy and nurturing and teaching you provide. You have made this period of growth and renewal in my life so rich, more rich and beautiful than I ever imagined possible, especially spiritually, and I doubt I’d have gotten this far without you, definitely not this fast. You are an angel sent to me from the dancing heavens, and I wanted to thank you for sparkling and shining and role modelling as you do.” — Gina Silvestri, Vancouver www.300PoundsofBeautiful.com


Erica shares her wise-woman wisdom wholeheartedly and brightens the light within each and every one of her trainees all within a loving sacred space. Every woman is seen, heard and honoured. The support, inspiration and collaboration of this divine sisterhood is truly amazing. I eagerly looked forward to meeting with our circle and anticipated what juicy things Erica had in store for us each week! WOW DOWH! Although I had signed up for the Facilitator Training with the intention of using it for my own personal growth, it was such a beautiful and empowering practice that I am inspired to share it with other women. Thank you radiant Erica for teaching me how to be of service to others while fully taking care of myself.” — Della Bitove, DOWH Facilitator, Toronto