I’ve been featured in the Globe and Mail Newspaper, Conscious Dancer and Vitality Magazines, CIUT and CKLN Radio, Aware Talk and Living Lighter Blog Radio Shows, Omni and Extraordinary Women TV, the Field-guide to Evolutionary Leadership and the Wild @ Heart Interview Series.

In 2014, I was chosen by the prestigious Conscious Dancer Magazine to be a featured dance facilitator in their iTunes Podcast Series, and DOWH was included in their Upshift Guide’s ‘101 Moving Modalities’.


Interview for Conscious Dancer Magazine, Tuesday Love to Erica Ross and a tale of teens in motion.

Interview for Mark Metz’s Conscious Dancer Podcast Series, Awakening your Body Intelligence, on iTunes.

Interview for Marilyn Daniels’ A Field-guide to Evolutionary Leadership

Interview for the Wild @ Heart Telesummit
(this one starts a couple min. in. hoping to get a better edit)

Interview on Living Lighter Radio.

Interview on Extraordinary Women TV.