Radical Radiance

Rooted in the love and power of sisterhood, this is for women who are READY to embody their brightest selves and share their gifts and contributions with the world.

radical-radianceRADICAL, as in:

  • Departing from the usual or customary—because we are all so exquisitely unique.
  • Excellent and wonderful. Yes, you ARE!
  • Having ROOTS, arising from or going to a root or source.

RADIANCE, as in:

  • Great JOY or love, apparent in someone’s expression or bearing.
  • The quality of being SHINY, bright, glowing, gleaming.
  • State of well-being characterized by happiness, delight, pleasure, warmth and RAPTURE. The result of attending RADICAL RADIANCE!



Please contact erica@ericaross.com for inquiries about future trainings. 

An Invitation

RADICAL RADIANCE is an invitation to join me on an ever-evolving journey of sacred and embodied wisdom. It is a stand-alone training and pre-requisite for taking the DOWH Facilitator Certification Training, and is for women who are ready to step into being a RADICAL LEADER and mentor, to inspire other women to SHINE. Here, through empowering and inspirational teachings and insights gained from living a creative wild-at-heart feminine path for over four decades, I share the depth and scope of my WISDOM.

Together we’ll explore a JUICY SACRED SISTERHOOD of women’s BEAUTY, wisdom, healing and empowerment; and artistic and embodied expressions such as dance, art-making, writing, massage, journeying, divination, storytelling, circle-sharing—and lots of MAGIC-MAKING. We’ll meet, play and rejoice in a dream-field of female-positive and body-affirming Divine Feminine spirituality, ritual and myth. RADICAL RADIANCE is an exquisite and RARE CHANCE to tap into the brilliant Goddess power within our CIRCLE!   strip17


You’ll learn PRACTICAL tools and hands-on experiences in:

  • Grounding/Softening/Receiving
  • Listening/Witnessing/Sharing
  • Liberating/Releasing/Empowering
  • Praying/Healing/Beautifying
  • Co-creating/Choosing/Manifesting


You’ll MEET YOURSELF, YOUR SISTERS, and THE WORLD, and EXPAND your capacity to…

  • Co-create a sacred and safe container that honours your feminine energy and makes JOY inevitable.
  • Commit to self-care as a gift to yourself and the world.
  • Practice delightful and intentional living from your heart and being compassionate, open, kind and generous.
  • Act and respond to life with outrageous courage; being transparent, present, fierce, honest, authentic, regardless.
  • Be fluid, flexible, available, open, intuitive, and sensitive to the world.
  • Stop swimming against the current and learn how to TRUST and SURRENDER to the flow of life.
  • Utilize the powerful medicine of dance and other expressive and creative arts for healing and empowerment.
  • Love your body; feel beautiful, relaxed, healthy, fluid and strong.
  • Release stress in five minutes. Seriously!
  • Let go of the “shoulds and shouldn’ts” so you can say YES to what’s truly in your heart, ALWAYS.
  • Feel, sense and draw from the power and potential of the circle of conscious sisterhood.
  • Expand your vocabulary of movement and other expressions of self.
  • See the beauty and sacredness in yourself, and in everyone and everything. This will literally change your life and the lives of everyone around you.


Here’s the structure of RADICAL RADIANCE:

Included in the RADICAL RADIANCE Training:

  • Pre and post RADICAL RADIANCE gifts. (They are a surprise.)
  • A beautiful binder filled with pages of Erica’s favourite and personal resources, images and inspiration collected over her years of learning, growing and creating, to support the RADICAL RADIANCE journey. (Printed.)
  • A private Facebook Group Page, to strengthen and keep alive our luscious community.
  • Juicy homework to increase your RADIANCE, commitment and accountability, for long-lasting change and expansion.

Application Process:

Due to the intimate, deeply personal and communal nature of this training, all interested women must have an interview. 

Please note: Preference is given to women who register for the full DOWH Facilitator Training (which includes RADICAL RADIANCE).

Registration and Investment:

Once you’ve you’ve been accepted into the program, save your spot with a $400 non-refundable deposit, to be applied to the total program investment.

Training Fee 2016: $1,000 + HST tax (13%). *Fee is for training ONLY.


Radiant Praise

“How rare it is to find such a woman positive space to laugh, dance with tenderness, abandon, and bliss, and to shed tears of releasing grief and sweet joy! In Radical Radiance, I experienced an embodied learning about how with the right guide, and true positive regard for each other, we as women can heal collective wounds. Yes, we can transform the wounds of competition, jealousy, indifference and restore our connection with our selves, and each other! … I am so grateful for a space such as Radical Radiance which provides emotional safety, nourishment, and polish for the Soul. What a gift is has been to be a part of the Radical Radiance process; the jewels it offered were invaluable.” — Nan Keyser, Psychotherapist, Toronto www.torontopsychotherapyandcounselling.com


I have never seen or heard of a place that makes the DIVINE FEMININE so real and tangible.” — Britta Sivasankaran, Psychotherapist, Hockley Valley
RADICAL RADIANCE is just what the women of the world need RIGHT NOW to fully step into ourselves and to shine brightly.” — Anonymous