Daily Dance

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to a sanctuary of love, joy, expression and connection.

A safe and sacred space where you can relax and come home to ALL of yourself. An enchanting space where you can SHINE more fully and radiantly. You are a brilliant star illuminating the night sky. I know you are ready to more deeply connect with your body’s inner knowing, and sense of wonder about who you are and the world around you, and to stop holding back from fully expressing your natural radiance, beauty and brilliance. You have too much to offer to let your gifts go to waste or to hide your light!!!

And … I’ve got a secret!

Since January 2016, I’ve been working on my first BOOK! 

It’s been in my bones for years, but now it’s time to bring it out into the LIGHT! In fact, I’ve put almost everything on hold (trainings, sessions, DJing), in order to fully devote myself to it.

It’s a multi-facetted work book (stories, practices, art, playlists …) designed to inspire a life of   curiosity, compassion,  creativity & courage.

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Let me share my experience helping women, and men, to come home.

As director and co-founder of a women’s award-winning ecstatic dance practice, Dance Our Way Home™, and a thriving DOWH Facilitator Certification Training, I have guided hundreds of women to feel truly alive. This reality is possible for you, for me, and each one of us. Dance, when offered in a loving and safe space, sweetly invites us to more fully step into our innate wisdom and inner knowing of our body, heart and soul. In this way, dance becomes a radical act of remembrance and reclamation of our original power, wisdom and radiance. Dance brings us together in solidarity, connection and love.

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My offering to you:

My own unique medicine for the soul —
is to help you to uncover, reconnect to, and fully express your MAGNIFICENCE.


erica-scarf2I do this locally and globally by offering workshops, retreats, broadcasts, 1 on 1 mentoringintensive trainings, facilitator certification trainings, relaxation sound tracks, ecstatic dances and online products and programs.

I know that the most BRILLIANT part of you is ready to be called forward into full expression. And as a deeply loving and sensitive soul, what a blessing you will be to everyone whose lives you touch, and to the planet as a whole!

Come join me as we dance ourselves out of the cave and into the light of collective joy and healing.

In deep love and compassion,


“Erica brings deep love, care and magic to everything she does. She touches the hearts of the women she works with deeply, holding their lives, their gifts and potential as sacred. In doing so, she treats them as flowers ready to unfold, helping them to gently and courageously open to themselves, to a community of sisters and to the greater currents of life.” — Marilyn Daniels, Leadership Coach, Toronto
Erica has a beautiful gentle way of drawing you into the world of dance and deepening the connection with one’s own body and a circle of other amazing women.” — Michelle Tocher, Author and Storyteller, Toronto
Can words even begin to express how much I love and respect Erica Ross and all her offerings? I think she’s one of the undiscovered gems in Canada. Erica is a woman I wish I could introduce all women to. She helps women bloom just by being who she is. She provides safe and transformational spaces for women, inspiring them to live a life more full of beauty, wonder, kindness and openness. Her workshops are a beautiful mix of movement, dance, guided imagery, creative expression, poetry and beauty. She feeds the souls of women and the soul of the world through the beauty of who she is and what she does. If you know a woman who is beautiful and doesn’t understand just how beautiful she is – send her to Erica. If you want to support any woman in blossoming even more into who she is – send them to Erica. If you love dance, safe spaces with women and the idea of living a life more full of beauty, wonder, kindness and openness – check this out. I’ve witnessed her as a well-loved and respected teacher and community-builder, a visionary, a successful heart-centered solo entrepreneur. Erica is one of the most consistently, naturally radiant women I know. She gets my whole hearted endorsement.” — Tad Hargrave, Founder of Marketing for Hippies, Edmonton